Custom bicycles and tandems for years
Hand-built in Seattle

Hand-built in Seattle
Since 1973

Hand-crafted Dream Bikes

Thanksgiving Hours

We will be closed on Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving weekend. This will give our incredible staff the opportunity to travel and be with family. We will be back up on Tuesday, Dec. 1st.

Thanks for your understanding.

Why buy a bike, when you can buy a whole bike shop?

"Buy a shop? Me?" You ask. Yes, you. That's the best advice that you can get when you are shopping for a bicycle. What it means is the difference between shops is greater than the difference in bike brands. So, what you are actually buying when you buy a bicycle is a relationship with that bike shop.

At a good shop, you'll get lots of attention to how your bike will fit, and good advice from staff that listens to your concerns. You'll find educational seminars, good educational materials, and long term staff members in every department.

These are just a few of the things that you'll find here at R+E Cycles. When you buy from us, you're buying the whole shop.

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